Wealthiest areas in Dallas

Welcome to the 1% nation. where you can discover business executives, doctors, and lawyers. They are unquestionably made of cash. The richest neighborhoods Dallas has to offer are those. where family incomes are 4.0 times the national median and home prices exceed 4.84 times the national median. But where precisely do Dallas’ wealthiest residents reside? Here are Dallas’s top wealthiest neighborhoods.


Highland Park

It’s understandable why professional sportsmen and high-ranking executives want to reside in Highland Park given the neighborhood’s nationally acclaimed educational system, accessibility to expensive shopping, and plenty of multimillion dollar residences. You should also be aware that Highland Park is one of Dallas’ wealthiest neighborhoods while you’re at it. The locals get a lot out of it, but you have to pay through the nose to obtain it. Jobs are plentiful in this area. As a result, Highland Park inhabitants shouldn’t have any trouble finding a solid job. Additionally, you’ll discover that the amenities are first-rate. You won’t have to travel far if you’re going shopping or trying to find a doctor.


The drawback is that living here will cost you a lot of money. In Highland Park, a house costs approximately $1.3 million. Around $200,000 is the median income. Although one of the greatest areas to live in Dallas, Texas, it is nice to live in a neighborhood with low crime and high happiness.


There’s never a dull moment in Uptown thanks to luxurious, amenity-rich high-rises like The Victor (thevictordallas.com), which will soon be built in Victory Park and is close to restaurants, nightlife, and cultural hotspots.

Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow is renowned for its large properties and lanes dotted with trees. Additionally, it is the location of two of the five most expensive homes currently on the market in Dallas, some of the best private schools in the city, and one former US president.

Wander Wood

Wander Wood (wanderwooddallas.com) provides eight premium residence lots starting at $1.125 million in Forest Lane Estates, off Wander Lane. Benefits include yards that back up to a creek and mature greenery.


Southlake, which has multiple private airports and estates, five municipal parks, and other open spaces abound is a stunning location with homes listing in the millions.


Thanks to its closeness to White Rock Lake and its landmark residences created by architects like Charles Dilbeck and Clifford D. Hutsell, Lakewood attracts both nature and architecture enthusiasts.

University Park

One of Dallas’s wealthiest communities is University Park. Many individuals would adore to call this place home, but only a select few will be allowed to. In spite of this, there are lots of advantages to having a house here. After all, you’ll reside in a region with lots of jobs and safety.


In addition, you’ll discover that the region has a wealth of amenities to offer. The expense is the only drawback. You might anticipate paying up to $1.1 million if you decide to purchase a home in this area. Nearly $200,000 is the area’s median income. It should go without saying that you must be wealthy to belong at University Park.


What Dallas suburb is the richest? Only Westlake, please. If you have any future relocation intentions, you should think about the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro. You won’t ever get bored thanks to the abundance of professional sports facilities, adjacent state parks, five-star restaurants, and shopping malls.