RREC has never (and never will) committed any act of animal cruelty

To Whom It May Concern:

              This letter is in response to the allegations and disparagement against Wayne Kirk and River Ranch Education Charities. While an extensive brief is available detailing the history of our organization, my own, and testimony from experts and pertinent parties describing the blatant falsehoods being issued in a spurious attempt to discredit RREC, I would like to take the time to write a personal statement regarding these allegations. We here at River Ranch Education Charities are deeply saddened by the claims being presented as fact, and even more so by the apparent willingness of some to accept them at face value without regard for the actual fact or testimony by those actually involved. It would seem that we live in an age where sensationalism is more important than provable innocence, and a small party with a self serving agenda can hinder the good works of a team that for over 30 years has been dedicated to the welfare of special needs children, animals, and at risk children. The fact that merely the unsubstantiated claims of said party can do harm to these works give me reason for sadness, for I have lived my life by the principle that actions speak louder than words. That this ideal is under assault by demonstrably false claims serving an insidious agenda is what has spurned this letter, and I can only hope that those reading this are willing to consider the actual truth.

             Here at RREC our goals are simple: To better the lives of both people and animals through a caring, passionate and compassionate dedication to creating an environment where at risk children may experience the joy and beauty of nature. For over 30 years it has been my great privilege and honor to be a part of something greater than myself, and no words can express my admiration and gratitude for the many people who over the years have made this possible. Unfortunately, as we have grown in both scope and responsibility, others who have more selfish and unscrupulous ends now seek to discredit myself and RREC in an effort to gain through falsehoods what we gained by hard work and commitment. As I stated before, a brief is available to any who wish to inspect the truth, but to briefly address some of these claims:

-RREC has never (and never will) committed any act of animal cruelty. Given our mission and our passion for it, this claim is particularly galling. Yet even more galling is that despite the testimony of the people actually involved, and despite these allegations proven to be false in a court of law, these claims still persist in a media seemingly more interested in sensationalist story telling than in actual fact. Perhaps it sells more copy, but is not the truth, and we admonish the media spreading these spurious claims to look at the readily available facts if for no other reason than retaining some shred of credibility.

-My misdemeanor offense is a matter of public record and has been resolved, never to be repeated. Let it not be said that one cannot learn from their mistakes. However, the fact that a completely unrelated and isolated misdemeanor case is being used in an attempt to discredit me should give those who are discerning a moment of pause: what possible bearing could this have on my and RREC’s ability to do the job we have done for over 30 years, and done well? Discredit me if you will, but to insinuate that a personal and isolated misdemeanor calls into question the dedication and ability of some very passionate people is infuriating.

-As for the other claims, I simply will say this: I have run multiple businesses over the years, and unfortunately there are times in running a business that one must go to court to seek remedy or resolution. That most of these times were initiated by myself seems to escape the media, or makes for a less compelling narrative. However, I have never been underhanded in any my dealings in my life, nor will I ever be, and the facts of these cases bear witness to this.

           As stated before, an extensive brief is available with testimony from key parties involved exonerating myself and RREC of any wrong doing, hence the case being dismissed outright. I invite any and all people wanting to know the actual truth to read it. In truth, I write this not in an appeal for myself, but for the many wonderful people who have made RREC a reality and for the many beautiful lives we have touched over the years. That those who simply wish the position we have earned are using such deceitful and underhanded tactics is something I find disgusting and completely antithetical to the purpose RREC has been given, to better lives (both animal and human) through compassion and service. That these parties are using me to attack the mission of the RREC is particularly disheartening, yet the facts stand as their own witness and I have no doubt that those who take the time to read the truth will find the RREC above reproach. It is for the wonderful people involved in our mission and the lives that need us, that I will always stand and defend. We at the RREC want one thing, to do our part to create a better world, and I could not be prouder of what we have achieved. I thank you for reading this and hopefully learning the actual truth of us, and look forward to many more years of service to our community. Most of all, we look forward to the continued service of the many children we have helped, and will help. That is our purpose, and I consider that a life well spent.


Wayne Kirk