Dallas Corporate Event Venues

Whether you have a team of 10 or 10,000, it can be tough to find somewhere to host your corporate events. Anything from charity auctions to award banquets are important to every company’s morale, and finding the perfect place to suit everyone’s needs can be hard to come by. Fortunately, Dallas has a few locations perfect for any corporate occasions, and we saved the best for last.


Why Would a Corporate Event be Necessary?

There are many companies out there that need venues for charity auctions, award banquets, or a variety of other events they could be hosting. Any one of these venues could be a great option, but not every company holds these types of events. However, hosting company wide retreats or even just one fun night can do wonders for team building and boosting morale within your organization.

In an ever growing virtual world, getting to meet up in person is becoming more important by the day. Even if your company works in the office every day or on a hybrid schedule, chances are most of the day is still spent staring at a screen for most of your people. The chance to step away from work and allow your company to get to know each other as people outside of their roles has been proven to significantly improve team bonding and productivity.

If you aren’t the kind of organization that hosts annual balls or charity banquets, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the company together at all. Maybe somewhere on this list will inspire you to start an annual awards ceremony, or just set up a nice dinner for your company to say thanks for all the hard work. No matter what your company does, having a sense of belonging and gratitude with your team is often just as important as the work itself.

Whether you’re hosting a big charity auction or private team dinner, a beautiful venue will tie it all together. Having a space to accommodate all your needs will make for a lovely event of any kind, and there’s no shortage of spaces in Dallas. However, if you’re looking for somewhere exceptional, then read on!


The Westin Dallas Downtown

This elegant hotel is able to host up to 600 people depending on the package you choose. With panoramic views of downtown and a plethora of accomodation options provided to you, the Westin will leave nothing for you to worry about.

The Westin provides you with everything from chef prepared menus to a media room for all kinds of events and entertainment. They provide all of their own staffing and do only in-house catering and beverages so you can be sure you’re getting the best refreshments. Located within a 30 minute radius of the two main Dallas airports, you won’t have to travel far to reach this gorgeous hotel.


Lighthouse Artspace Dallas

This is likely to be the most expensive venue on the list, but for the right party it’s well worth it. This unique event space features at least three different projection galleries to choose from that are portrayed on the walls for the duration of your event. They are able to accommodate up to 300 people depending on the package that you choose, with four different event spaces to choose from.

This unique opportunity is located in the East Quarter of downtown Dallas and is available 7 days a week for private events.


River Ranch Event Center

If you’re looking for an event space that can do it all, the River Ranch Event Center is your best option. The River Ranch Event Center provides you with indoor and outdoor options to host any type of event you can throw at them. With stunning floor to ceiling windows and rustic touches for a welcoming yet elegant feel, you won’t want to miss out on this little taste of Texas.

The River Ranch Event Center is able to accommodate any type of event, from horse parties to formal corporate banquets, they can do it all. With a gorgeous, traditional catering menu that can be altered to fit your party’s needs, you will not only leave with a full heart but an extra full stomach of the best food Texas has to offer.

If you’re in Texas, you might as well get a taste of what it has to offer with your corporate event. The River Ranch Event Center is about as close as you can get to experiencing the heart of Texas all in one place. They have an abundance of upgrades and party add-ons to make sure you’re getting the full experience for your event, and provide you with everything you might need, from tables to catering and everything in between.

What’s particularly special about this place is their incredible charity work for the local area and beyond. They run a horseback riding center that offers lessons, camps, and more while providing free or discounted services to those that can’t afford to pay out of pocket. By renting their facilities or even participating in one of their team building horse lessons, you can directly benefit those in need by simply hosting your event with River Ranch Event Center.

It’s not every day that you could host your own event while simultaneously helping the local community and beyond. If you find yourself in the Dallas area and want a truly Texas experience with all the heart and spirit you could imagine, then look no further than the River Ranch Event Center. They’ll take great care of you and you’ll have the event of a lifetime, no matter what you’ve come here for. But you’ll leave the facility with a full heart, full stomach, and the knowledge that you helped someone else just by choosing to host your event at the right place.






[Image by dit26978 on Freepik]